The fact that you are reading this indicates that you are at least interested in investing in real estate or investing extra in bricks. Is that (still) a good idea? Yes. But only for those who are careful and make well-considered choices. According to the clichés, you should have put all your well-earned savings into real estate for a long time. But clichés wouldn’t be clichés if there were no grounds for truth in them, plus an element of exaggeration and a lack of nuance, of course.

Yes, with a net return of just 3 percent or with a little luck 4 percent, you are better than with a savings account. However, you should take spectacular predictions with a firm grain of salt. Yes, most real estate in our country has at least retained its value over the decades, but we will not put our hands in the fire for all real estate in the coming decades. Although the risk of a sharp fall in value does indeed remain more limited than with individual shares. The risk of problems with a tenant, on the other hand, is not unrealistic. Choose the klcc apartment for rent or Bangsar apartment and expect the best returns in this case.

View the location

It is a cliché, but for real estate, the location is extremely important. Anyone who buys a house or apartment will be able to rent out that property faster if it is located in a good location: close to all possible amenities such as shops or schools, close to public transport, and preferably in a green environment. Hence a KLCC property or a KLCC condo is always a good idea.

The suitable location depends on the type of property. ‘For holiday homes on the coast, the distance to the seawall and of course whether there is a view of the sea from the apartment. The prices and rentability are often divided into three zones: apartments on the seawall itself, a second zone at a close walking distance from the beach, and a third zone that is more inland.


Regardless of the type of property, always check whether there are other similar properties in the area and whether they are easily rented out. Do not just surf or other search sites, because they do not necessarily say anything about how quickly a property is rented out. Ask people who have knowledge of the local market, such as a local notary or a real estate agent with knowledge of the region.

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What Makes Your Apartment for Rent Profitable
Ajude Oziel