The different insurance companies’ home insurance packages contain different things, and what is right for you depends on your temperament, lifestyle and family relationships and of course the type of house and the age of the house and of course: the price. The insurance is mandatory for homeowners with loans in the property.

Disposition: Get access to the home before purchase

You can agree with the seller that you must have early access to the home, but then you as the buyer will be responsible for damage that has already occurred on the day of disposition. Although the purchase agreement you enter into with the seller only applies from a certain date, you may be allowed to dispose of the home from an earlier date. For buying a Puchong new condo you need the best choice now, to compare to apartment Kota Kinabalu.

If you want early access to the home, you and the seller must agree that you agree that you will have access to the home from that and that date. But in that case, you as the buyer are also responsible for damage to the home from the day of disposition. The disposition day thus trumps when the purchase agreement applies from, the legal takeover, with regard to responsibility for the home. 

  • However, if the purchase relates to a house and you are offered a change of ownership insurance, the rule applies that the change of ownership insurance covers sudden damage in the period from the preparation of the condition report to the legal takeover date, according to the purchase agreement. 
  • The change of ownership insurance must always be taken out before the disposition date. However, the change of ownership insurance does not cover if a person damages the property through negligent conduct.
  • Advice is often welcome when you need to make an investment in, for example, owner-occupied housing. When you have to buy, there are REALLY many details to keep track of. Get some peace of mind with this checklist.

Check the sales lineup

Familiarize yourself with the sales list information and find out if the seller’s proposed financing is best for you. Ask the real estate agent to make alternative sales listings that show the consequences of e.g. other loans, maturities, credit unions. Talk to an independent advisor who can tell you about your options – the broker is primarily the seller’s advisor.

Check the home thoroughly – hire a construction expert if necessary

Make it clear that the buyer has an independent duty to inspect – therefore you cannot invoke errors and deficiencies in the condominium that could be ascertained by a regular inspection; nor even if you did not notice the shortcomings of the inspection. Use a construction expert of your choice – even if there is a condition report.

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