Chemicals are the gateway to the inventions and discoveries of the natural and man-made world. In everything, a chemical is present that causes a reaction (or doesn’t) and brings about a change (or doesn’t). Chemicals vary, and as many science students and professionals are aware you can never be too careful when you work with them. While there are many that are harmless, plenty others can prove to be dangerous if you come in close contact with them. Care should be taken and there are certain ways to stay safe around them.

1. Invest In A Pair Of Gloves

A good pair of gloves is an essential when handling various substances. Some are able to give rashes, burns and discolour the area, therefore, a solid pair of gloves can save you from pain and irritation. Furthermore, a good practice is to always wash your hands with soap when handling any foreign substances. Make a habit of washing them well for at least two minutes to properly kill any bacteria and wash off any that may have landed on your skin.

2. Use A Face Shield

A face shield comes in handy when working close to chemicals. For starters they shield your face from the fumes that could make your eyes teary and affect your nose. And secondly they provide a protective layer against any harmful smoke or fires that you may be handling. In certain institutes this is excessive, and thus many often just use goggles in a monitored environment. Ensure that they sit comfortably around your eyes, with a firm but loose band that ties around your head.

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3. Keep the Windows Open

Having the windows open is another necessity to ensure that the chemicals and fumes do not stay in the room itself, but find a way to escape. Some chemicals like ammonia carry a strong and distinct scent that certain people are unable to stomach. Thus, having fresh air come in and out freely accommodates a good oxygen flow and breathing air.

4. Stay Away From Unknown Chemicals

The danger of these substances is amplified in ignorance. If you are not familiar with the substance, do not touch it. It is better to navigate around those that you are well-informed on because you’ll be able to treat problems if they do occur. With unknown chemicals, with foreign smells, properties and treatments, it is better to leave them to the expertise of others.

5. Store Them Appropriately 

A chemical storage cabinet Malaysia is necessary for all chemicals. This keeps them safe from prying hands at room temperature, to prevent any over heating or over cooling beyond their prescribed temperature. Seal them tightly in bottles or containers that are strong, as well. Some chemicals react with certain containers, therefore ensure that they are put in the right containers.

Tips For Safety Around Chemical Substances
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