We do not advise you to take an apartment where everything is closed with stretch ceilings. As a realtor, this always confuses me. Under them, there may be mould or traces that neighbours are constantly drowning. Try to look into the corners under the wallpaper, there; most likely, the reason will be visible. Choose the Selayang condo or Selayang apartment in this case.

Make the Studies

Carefully study the documents for the presence of unlawful redevelopment. Please discuss this with the seller. He may offer a discount if you are willing to take care of the matter yourself. I do not recommend doing this without consulting an experienced realtor, because the supporting structures may be affected and the safety of the home will suffer, and this is also additional time and financial costs.

Take a closer look at your neighbors

This must be taken care of. In my practice, there were several cases when, after a few months, or even weeks, clients asked to resell an apartment, because it is impossible to live in it for various reasons, for example, because of the large number of pets at my grandmother’s wall.

Inspection of housing should begin with the analysis of documents: technical passport of real estate. Relocated walls, discrepancies in area, inconsistent niches, all this affects the choice.

Main risk factors: 

  • Real estate unavailability. The most common deception is the sale of “virtual” meters at the excavation stage. 
  • Unsuitability for life. An outwardly well-groomed and attractive object in an old house can turn out to be an illusion. 
  • There is a dispute about the right. If legal litigation is going on around the housing, the new owner will unwittingly get involved in a confrontation. 

Legal aspects

In my opinion, buying an apartment on a mortgage is safer, because the bank will check it. When purchasing housing for cash, check the legal cleanliness of the apartment. Be sure to order an extract from the Unified State Register of Rights to Real Estate and Transactions with it, read the seller’s title documents and check the owners on the website of the bailiff service. It is important to clarify whether the mortgage for the apartment has been paid – this can also be a problem.

When making a deal through an agency, choose trusted companies that have established themselves in the market, have good reviews and are officially registered.

Best Advise

We do not advise giving money before the final conclusion of the contract – the situations are different. You need to pay in full only after registration of ownership (agreement with a pledge). It is best if the amount is transferred from account to account through the bank, and both parties will have a receipt of the transaction in their hands. This behaviour is the safest for both the buyer and the seller.

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