Open distance learning or ODL is something that people have to adapt to nowadays because of the pandemic. It’s too dangerous to open schools and any other educational facility, so people are staying home and taking their classes there, commonly by video conference. However, a lot of students argue that it has its pros and cons and here are some of them:

Pro: Learn While Getting An Income

A lot of the students who enrol in online classes are working professionals who want to advance in their jobs. As an example, you could study IT while working in Alpha Backup Solutions Malaysia. Even if you aren’t currently employed full-time, distance learning courses provide you with a flexible schedule that allows you to learn while working and pay for education.

Con: Inconsistent Quality 

Despite its popularity and expansion, some people may be sceptical about distant education’s quality and legitimacy. The proliferation of online “diploma mills” that dole out fraudulent degrees is the most significant reason for this bias towards distant learning. Only by obtaining an online degree from a fully approved college will you be able to overcome this bias. Furthermore, surveyed online students believe that certain courses are too basic and therefore not practical or useful.

Pro: Flexible Schedule

You can choose your own schedule because distance learning programmes don’t require you to be physically present in a classroom or adhere to a prescribed schedule. Distance learning allows you to finish your coursework from any location, at any time, and at your own speed. Do you have an important task to complete first thing in the morning? No issue; log in to finish your homework that afternoon or later that evening.

Con: Students Don’t Take Accountability

When it comes to online education, the temptation to procrastinate is strong because you are on your own schedule. To complete a distance learning programme, you must remain focused, disciplined, and motivated, which is hard when there is no one to keep you in check. 

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Pro: Fewer Costs

You may save money on things like gas, parking, books, child care, and more by using online schooling. Because many of these programmes are self-paced, you may be able to complete them in less time than a typical programme. Less time in college implies less money spent on schooling. Furthermore, many online degrees come with lower tuition fees.

Con: Easily Overwhelmed

Self-directed learning is the most common type of distance learning. If you require more attention from your professors, particularly for the more difficult aspects of the coursework, this may not be the best option for you. Self-directed learning can help you become a self-sufficient learner, but it isn’t right for everyone. The trade-off is that online degrees provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to develop a specific skill set for your future employment.

Pro: Less Hassle

You are not limited by your location when taking a distance-learning course because you can complete it from anywhere. You can enrol in any school that provides the programme you want, regardless of where it is situated in the country or even abroad. You also won’t have to worry about transferring to another school if you move. 

Pros And Cons Of Open Distance Learning
Ajude Oziel