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Mathematics could be both of the most favourite and most hated subjects by the students at school. Many students are still struggling with this subject and some of them can’t even understand basic Maths. In case your child is one of them, you might want to get help from math tuition malaysia.  This is one of the initiatives that could be done for them to help them.  If you are a student that is facing this difficulty, don’t be ashamed of it. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and so do you. 

Reasons Why Maths Is Difficult

There are numerous reasons why students are struggling with this subject, but these are the top reasons:

  1. Left-brained vs right-brained

This is the most popular reason given by those who have difficulties in doing Maths. Mathematical equations are handled by the left brain, but comparisons and rough estimates are handled by the right brain. People with the right brain like being creative and expressing themselves verbally or in writing. Art, English, theatre, and music are among their favourite topics in school. This could explain why mathematics is more difficult for them to grasp. 

  1. Hard to concentrate
math tuition malaysia

When you are working on a mathematical equation, you have to concentrate and carefully complete each step. You are significantly more likely to make a mistake if you lose attention or become distracted throughout this process. Making the same mistakes again and over can erode your confidence and enthusiasm in maths, which would lead to the feeling of being invalid or left behind, especially in class.

  1. Lack of patience and time management problem

When working on a question, one should always be patient in finding the correct answer. You should put a lot of effort in order to improve yourself. It might be difficult, but this is one of the ways to help yourself. Who else would do so if it isn’t you, right? Other than that, time management is really important, not only in your daily life activities but also in maths. Deciding when and how to study for this subject is crucial and you need to divide all the subjects accordingly. 

  1. Learning disabilities 
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Dyscalculia might be an unfamiliar term for most of us. Dyscalculia is a condition where a person who suffers from it would face distinct and chronic trouble with numbers that can lead to a wide spectrum of mathematical issues. It can occur to anyone despite the age and even level of education. Another learning condition that is always related to maths difficulty is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Maths can be more challenging if you have ADHD symptoms. ADHD too can contribute to your chances of developing dyscalculia. According to data from the early 2000s, 31 percent of students with ADHD would most likely have difficulties in solving maths problems. 

  1. Maths Anxiety

If you feel like giving up or you feel anxious while solving maths problems, then you might have Maths Anxiety. When you are confronted with mathematical problems, you might develop a phobia called maths anxiety. It usually appears when a child or even an adult is confronting a testing atmosphere, but it can also occur when they are in maths class, for instance when they have to answer the teacher’s question or have mathematics activities to solve. 

So, is it really difficult? It depends on our own capabilities as humans.  Some might find joy in doing maths while some might enjoy other subjects such as English and History. However, do not feel ashamed of yourself and always remember that you can always improve yourself. Cheer up and do your best to overcome this problem!

Is Mathematics That Difficult?
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