In times like today, where the new go out of style so quickly, the truth is that the word multimedia already sounds slightly archaic. No one is surprised that electronic equipment is multimedia, in fact, it is the least you can expect from a PC, mobile, TV, or tablet to consider it as such. And it can really be affirmed without any doubt that the concept of multimedia is as old as man himself and even more so. Animals communicate with each other using all the means and channels available to them. What is known today as multimedia is nothing more than a lame imitation of human communication. Read the course details at Widad college link.

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The multimedia devices that emerged as such make only a couple of decades and certainly were a decisive step forward in bringing computer users to average profile. In the past, computers were reserved for a subspecies of brilliant computer scientists who could read an indecipherable text and turn it into something meaningful. With the arrival of multimedia devices, the general public began to be interested in those computers that were capable of playing videos, photographs, music, and ‘in addition, they also served to work. The importance of the concept is such that today’s technology would not be the same without it.

But what is really a multimedia device? 

Well, as its name suggests, it is a device capable of using various means of communication at the same time or alternatively. This is, for example, the old telephones were not multimedia, since they only used the voice, while the modern mobiles that allow making video calls, sending text messages, chatting or even (yes, you can try it) talking on the phone, would be multimedia devices.

The creation of these devices has undoubtedly been a great technological advance since it provided the user with more comfortable means and closer to their own experience. Human beings use different means of communication to interact in front of their peers and although there is still a long way to go to be able to emulate the five senses of Homo Sapiens in a single device, the truth is that multimedia is intended to some extent make the experience of communication to users, by approaching natural forms of communication innate to all people. In this way, it is possible to improve attention, understanding and that the contents stand out more, properties that make multimedia objects are widely used not only in the field of education but even in advertising, companies.

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Importance of Multimedia
Ajude Oziel