It is difficult to imagine a situation where things could be done well without using modern office technology, especially computers and phones. It is very difficult to determine whether a business is dependent on technology or whether technology is creating job opportunities. Modern office technology is associated with positive changes in management performance. Therefore, this is important for the improvement in the field of office management.

Over the decades, rapid change has taken place in all areas of human life, including the office environment. This is the result of technological advances in every type of office in the business world today, whether government, industry, or other human endeavors, needs accurate facts and information to make quick decisions. Office workers, including office managers, expect a certain amount of support from the organization where they work. This support can be technology (machines and equipment) and people. In post offices, notes and letters determined by managers and office managers write them down. Recently, businesses have expanded their word processing centers and relied on personal computers as well as email to reduce the need for office manager support and make office-employee managers very productive.

As a result of technological change, the role of office managers in the business world has drastically changed from their tasks of writing and dictating, answering phone calls, and handling letters. Office managers today are exposed to office technology, including the internet, which makes work easier and information more accessible. It is now easier to send messages via telex, electronic mail (e-mail), fax, and telephone. Other office tools office managers can use are copiers, copiers, scanners, printers, and more. This is the age of more convenient computers and information technology. The three most popular types of computer software programs are word processing that helps users write and organize notes, letters, and reports, data management or database programs; this helps users/offices use long lists of data and spreadsheets that process tables and numbers. . Office managers now have many technologically advanced office tools to streamline their work and increase efficiency and productivity, leading to increased access to goods and services worldwide.

There are now various types of office machines and equipment that allow office managers to improve their performance. Such new machines use electronic typewriters, replacing manual machines. Word processors, computers, and other advanced office machines and equipment with versatile facilities are now provided by employers. Some of the physical equipment used by office managers includes computer communication equipment and electronic pocket maintainers. Procedures and techniques for converting new technological equipment to office functions include computers, email/commerce, voicemail, and the Internet. However, these new developments due to technological challenges require more knowledge and skills in addition to being a professional office manager. So that the office manager can keep up with the changing times, face the challenges, and overcome the old ways of doing what he needs to do recently to help him achieve organizational goals. Information technology has influenced many professions in recent times. The professional role of office managers has been changed by technology. This provides a tool that shifts the role of office managers from loggers to business strategists. Many other writers argue that office managers should be well equipped to face the current challenges of modern offices.

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Impact of Modern Office Technology on the Field Office Management`s Level of Productivity
Ajude Oziel