The year 2020 may not be the best year for everyone. The disastrous illness that swept across the globe has affected us physically and mentally. Worse comes to worst, we are ought to stay at home, sanitize frequently, comply with social distancing, wear face masks, and many more protocols to obey to minimize the risk of widespread infection. It can be detrimental to self-isolate for too long, even while working for mlm software malaysia at home all the time. You can not help but play the waiting of the days where you have the reason to leave the house and enjoy the outside. Not many can stand to stay in one place, even in their own room or house.

To fill your mind with negative thoughts in a confined space can be detrimental for you, so here are 3 ways to distract yourself from being stuck in a gloomy mood all day every day:

  1. Be Curious On What You Are Thinking About

Ask yourself; what drives you to have such thoughts? When it comes to negative thoughts and the willpower to put them aside, it is not as easy as it sounds. Dr. Naragon-Gainey made a statement about pushing the thoughts away which trying to ignore the emotions can unintentionally make them grow stronger and come back being overwhelming to overcome. To get rid of negativity effectively is to face it head-on, therefore embracing the thoughts and approach them in a constructive way can resolve the underlying issues that have been wilding within you. Take a cognitive perspective by questioning yourself if these thoughts are worth your time or if it is accurate to your state. This will cultivate your thinking and feeling.

  1. Find Your Comfort Zone

There will be those unpleasant times when you are thinking of nothing but your task at hand and suddenly, we were reminded of the fear and loneliness that slowly consumes us. A distraction would help to clear your mind to put it to work smoothly. Think active thoughts and do it physically, like running for a jog or do jumping ropes, or more lay back activities like writing and reading – anything to pull your attention away from unproductive thinking. This method is known as flow by psychologists, where challenging ourselves with a task that meets our current level of skill can increase our engagement at the moment. We will lose track of time, as long as the mind is at ease.

  1. Set A Mental Image Of A Stop Time

Imagine you are driving your car and exhaustion gets the best of you – would you keep on driving as you nod your head from drowsiness or would you pull over to somewhere and take a break? Put a brake on the negative thoughts as it is about to make its strikes and divert it to another lane towards oblivion. This can move your attention away from them and build your self-esteem and have full control of yourself. 

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How To Distract Yourself From Negative Thoughts
Ajude Oziel