We never realize how blessed we are until we are out of the situation. The little things that are stressing you about your neighborhood and home might be the bigger blessings of life. There is a good chance we are missing out on a chunk of all the good life has to offer as we spending our time penny-pinching, nitpicking every aspect of the neighborhood, and complaining about our neighbors. 

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it would be the ultimate fate of taking things for granted. We used to hate sitting in traffic for hours and going to work. Today we are dying to go to work and have an awesome office experience despite the horrible traffic jams. Life is not all meant to be butterflies and rainbows but what’s it without little bumps to appreciate as well? 

Today we are going to talk about the many different ways we can appreciate the little bumps and unnecessary honks in our neighborhood and make the best out of the environment we have got. No matter how big or small, there is always something to show gratitude for in neighborhoods within Bandar Sri Damansara

Shopping Within Your Neighborhood Businesses

You never know who is running a business. It could be the kids next door selling plushies and lemonades every Saturday evening. There could be a lovely couple running a home bakery and delivering freshly made croissants in the wee hours of the morning. By luck, we might even run into an awesome group of people in the neighborhood running good old classes and teaching new skills to everyone. Do not be surprised if you find yourself even learning how to juggle as a new skill! So many doors open when choose to shop from within our neighborhood instead of big brands in the mall. 

Make Your Porch Beautiful

Your porch is also part of your home and it is the one part of your home that invites you up to your neighborhood. As we work on our interior, we should also give some extra love to the porch to complete the whole look and vibe. You can invest in some good porch furniture and build the space based on a theme. Decorating your porch is not only a contribution to your lovely home but also to the neighborhood. 

Going Green 

Going green involves a lot of things. And doing this both in your home and neighborhood is one of the best ways to make your neighborhood memorable. Some of the things you can do as part of being greener and sustainable are by planting more trees, recycling the waste properly, and perhaps organizing clean-ups in the neighborhood. We do not need to get along with everyone in the neighborhood to be green. We have to make good use of the space surrounding us and being sustainable with it helps our gratitude mindset. 

More often than not, making the best out of the space we live in includes many mindful practices and being grateful for what we are blessed with.

How Do You Make The Best Out Of Your Neighborhood
Ajude Oziel