If you have studied the area and have seen other properties, you must be aware of the prices of the neighborhood and of the individual streets on the ad portals. Take away a percentage from everyone (about 5-10%) and you have more or less a fairly true idea of ​​the prices per square meter of the various solutions (detached house, condominium, to be restored, new, etc.). A choice of the gombak apartment happens to be wise in this case.

Do not make ridiculous offers: 

If 10 is written on the portals and the agency indicates 8, do not offer 4, especially if the house is in a place that has a market. If the property such as a Gombak property has passed all your preliminary analyzes, try to buy it (not at all costs, mind you) and don’t waste time on ridiculous offers. Remember that time = money , if you have already lost a lot to understand if the house was good or not for you, it is useless for you to be refused in the trunk because you will have to do the same reconnaissance for another property such as a house for sale gombak. If you are convinced, offer a price close to what the agency tells you (what sense does it make, to save 3-5 thousand euros, to have an offer rejected after thinking and thinking for weeks?)

How to make the proposal?

This is an agreement between the parties, i.e. the seller and the buyer, in which the commitments and clauses that will characterize the real sale contract are defined. If the purchase proposal is subject to the request for a mortgage, then this proposal places a suspensive condition.

  • This condition is allowed by the Civil Code, according to which it is possible to stipulate a contract by placing as a condition its eventual termination in the event of an uncertain future event, i.e. obtaining the loan.
  • If the loan is granted, then the purchase can take place, otherwise it can be suspended. How to make a purchase proposal if you do not yet have the liquidity to pay? You will have to insert the clause of the ineffectiveness of the obligation to buy in case the loan is not granted. 

Therefore, it is necessary to indicate in the document:

  • The recipient and the owner of the property.
  • The identification of the property.
  • The deed of provenance.
  • The floor plan.
  • The price offered.
  • The methods of payment.
  • The timing necessary for the payment.
  • The mortgage situation.
  • The commissions to be paid to the real estate agent and the deadline within which they must be paid. For more articles like this one, click here.
Great Options with the gombak apartment
Ajude Oziel