Operators offering “very high speed” use a network that does not necessarily pass through the telephone line of the incumbent operator Orange. The technology used (optical fibre or coaxial cable) connects the home directly to the operator’s network. To test your eligibility and find out if you have access to very high-speed broadband, we therefore necessarily need to know what address you live in to determine if an operator has already deployed their very high-speed network to that location. The Unifi broadband plan is the perfect solution.

The Net Accuracy

Accuracy up to the street number is essential to be sure of knowing your eligibility for very high speed because according to the agreements (in particular the agreements of the condominium associations), it often happens that a building is connected to the very high-speed network and that the neighbouring building is not.

What sorts of extra administrations are incorporated? Does the Internet plan incorporate admittance to free Wi-Fi areas of interest? If TV is remembered for the bundle, which TV channels? If a cell phone plan is incorporated, are free calls and abroad included? Are there any extra expenses to know? For instance, is there a store to pay or an early wiping out expense? these are questions that will help you better comprehend the charges identified with your internet connection in your new home.

The Right Internet Solutions

Having an internet connection also means having the possibility of having a certain bandwidth. This varies from a few Mbit / s for the less fortunate to more than 200 Mbit / s for the lucky ones.

  • Between theory and practice, there are a very large number of elements allowing us to expect this connection speed.
  • This will depend not only on the installation of each user, on the operator with whom you have subscribed your internet access but also on the various operators of a chain up to the bandwidth available at the source.

The Ring Road

Every device is different. Each is equipped with different chips managing certain standards and systems to connect to the network. Wifi or cable, one is not the other, even from identical brands. Without forgetting the influence of the operating system and the programs linked to them.

Best Use of the Unifi Broadband Plan
Ajude Oziel