3 Interesting Types Of Coffee Blends You Might Not Have Known About

Ah, coffee – that delicious, caffeinated drink that fuels our world.

In our current fast-paced, overworked society, coffee has become one of the most heavily-drinked beverages in the entire world. It’s practically everyone’s morning fuel, topping even classic breakfast foods like fruits, eggs, and bacon – instead, people wake up groggy and tired, throw back a nice cup of coffee, and await the buzz of caffeine that will hopefully render them alert and awake.

With coffee so popular all throughout the world, it’s no real wonder why so many different types of coffee shops and coffee blends have begun popping up across the globe. These days, everyone has an ideal way to prepare their coffee – from macchiatos to frappuccinos to cold brews to increasingly complex orders with increasingly complex names. Sometimes, understanding the various terms of coffee can be akin to studying a new language; what with the sheer number of different drink types, sizes, and etc. you can order from a local coffee shop.

However, while drink types like the mocha and the frapp have become popularized to the extent of mainstream knowledge, there are some types of coffee blends out there that have not tasted the regular limelight. So for those curious about all kinds of coffee blends, here are 3 interesting coffee blends you might not have known about!

1. Ganoderma Coffee

A must-have for lovers of healthy eating and instant coffee, ganoderma coffee is a lesser-known coffee blend that usually combines instant coffee mix with powdered ganoderma; a mushroom known for it’s medicinal properties. A form of Chinese medicine, the ganoderma mushroom has been shown to bring a myriad of health benefits to those who consume them, such as liver detoxification and increased vitamin C.

Ganoderma coffee mix can be found and bought from a myriad of places, but we recommend Gano Excel; an MLM software Malaysia business that is popular throughout the world as a ganoderma coffee mix seller.

2. Mazagran Coffee

For coffee lovers who prefer a little spice to their drinks, the Mazagran is a coffee drink distinct in it’s inclusion of espresso, lemon, sugar, and rum. mlm software malaysia produces a sweet and delectable coffee taste, as well as a hint of alcohol to keep you nice and relaxed. With a recipe that originally hailed from Portugal, the Mazagran coffee drink has since made it’s waves across the world for it’s sweetness and deliciousness. What’s more – the Mazagran can be served either hot or cold, so the preference is really up to you!

The Mazagran can often be found as a bottled product in Starbucks, so you can get your delicious coffee needs met there!

3. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

A recent addition to the coffee world, the Nitro Cold Brew Coffee has since grown immensely in popularity. The Nitro Cold Brew takes the original cold brew coffee and gives it a little extra twist – namely, the Nitro adds nitrogen gas into the cold brew, giving it a creamy foam top and a smooth texture similar to beer. Unlike other coffees which can normally be served either hot or iced, the Nitro Cold Brew is often served chilled; sans any ice cubes to prevent the creamy foam top from being damaged. We guarantee you that taking a sip from this delicious cold brew option will make you only long for more!

Much like many coffee drinks, the Nitro Cold Brew can be ordered at your local Starbucks – because honestly, what don’t they have there?

There are a variety of coffee types out there, from the bitter to the sweet to the creamy to the popular. So if you’re a coffee lover who just can’t get enough of this delicious caffeinated beverage, why not try out some of the varieties on this list right now!

3 Interesting Types Of Coffee Blends You Might Not Have Known About
Ajude Oziel