The short answer is no. Before you click out, hear me out. Developing a video game is not easy. It takes a lot of planning, designing, discussion and talking just to start development. Depending on how well these steps are done, it could lead to your project becoming one of the best and most memorable games within the community. Take God of War for example, a long series of games that supposedly ended in 2013 but came as a surprise to continue the story in 2018.  

Nowadays, smartphones are becoming more sophisticated with enhanced features to provide a quality of life change to users. Although it may make some smartphones look weird, the addition of 2 additional lenses significantly enhances the photography capability of a smartphone, making it comparable to a DSLR camera. As the coronavirus spreads across the world, most people are stuck at home with only a handful of entertainment to go through. Although it may seem fun to catch with your favorite dramas in a few days, it can get stale really fast. This led to some people resorting to video games as their alternative when they can’t find anything else to do. But, with the gaming market is saturated with thousands of games, it is hard for the uninitiated to pick the right game especially when most of them cost money. In this case, they would direct their attention to the mobile app store to browse through more casual games to play. In recent years, web design agency is becoming more common because most people own a smartphone, which provides even the smallest team of developers the best opportunity to shine. Despite plenty of mobile apps sharing the same functionality, some are able to outperform their competitors who have been around longer than them. 

Although there are plenty of mobile games to browse through, there were only a handful of games that most people would play. Remember Clash Of Titans and Candy Crush? There used to be a trend of mobile game developers creating base building games or the ever popular match-3 games, but now there are plenty of other games that you could get on a computer but on your smartphones like RPG, action, rhythm games and MOBA. Despite their smaller player base, some of them eventually make their way to Steam which helps them to attract more players. In rare cases, some games like Honkai Impact 3rd have their own clients which would allow players to play a mobile game on their computers, albeit with  terrible key mappings.

Overall, mobile games are not as bad as they used to be as the store is filled with a wide diversity of games for even the uninitiated users. As smartphone technology continues to improve, we might see some games that would look and play as good as its PC and console counterparts.

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