Broadband, or “high-speed” internet access allows high data transfer rates and eliminates the need for a dedicated phone line for internet use. It enables users to reliably download web pages and videos and makes it easy to access a world of information.

unifi package

Broadband internet access helps all family members. It provides educational tools for children, job resources for parents, health information for the elderly and information on government services to all citizens.

It is an advantage for those who live in remote areas because it provides easy access to education through online courses or high-level programs.

It facilitates the provision of medical care through diagnosis and consultations, overcoming any geographical or economic barrier.

Broadband Unifi package internet helps users find work, something that is especially important to the Malaysian community, which has been hit hard by the recession. According to the Malaysian progress, the unemployment rate among Malaysian in 2010 increased to about 13%, and Malaysian face the largest drop in employment rates of all minority groups.

Another advantage of broadband is that it helps Malaysian perform banking operations that are available with broadband internet. This allows you to manage your money without having to go to the branch.

Through this service you can:

Check the balance

  • Make transfers to other banks
  • Pay bills
  • Receive updates through emails (e-mails) or text messages.

It has never been easier to connect with family on the other side of the country than with the internet. Facebook has turned out to be a very convenient social network to be able to share all the personal news with the family. A profile is created and you can post (or upload) photos and communicate through messages or comments.

Another tool is skype, a very popular and convenient way to interact more personally with the other person. You can make video calls, phone calls, and send instant messages, all live.

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