Witnessing the birth of your own child is one of the most happiest moments in your life as it is the strength of your love and effort accumulating to this moment. But, this is the beginning of a long series of hardship. It might be similar to how you raise a pet, but raising a baby takes much more effort and care to raise your child as how you raise your child can affect how they will act and develop when they are at the age where they will be able to think for themselves.

Of course being just born, babies are extremely fragile as their body is slowly developing and growing to combat various diseases that could be lethal. However, the surge of coronavirus is a completely different case. The coronavirus is a very recent disease that has spread across the world within 3 years and has a high lethality rate that has caused the death of over 3 million people. Since the babies’ immune system is still not fully developed, the effects of the virus can be more lethal to them. Because of that, every household is prohibited from bringing out their children that are under 2 years old. It might sound easy and all, but getting mother care nursing products malaysia can be difficult, especially for single mothers who are experiencing their first time raising their own children. For most households, it is easy to take turns and have one member to look after the child while the other heads out to get necessities. However, households with single mothers will have a difficult time getting their desired supplies as they would have to split their priorities between getting supplies and caring for their child alone. Additionally, most single mothers are juggling between working and caring for their child that it worsens their mental health.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, smartphones help single mothers to solve most of their issues as they can purchase their supplies and have them delivered at their doorstep. With the internet, they are also able to continue working or participating in classes without delaying their progress. This would help single mothers to easily spend more time caring for their children and lessen their worries compared to whenever they had to leave for work and rely on caretakers to look after their child. And the best of all, the internet provides many ways for single mothers to generate income more easily.

Although modern technology has provided plenty of assistance to help us cope with the pandemic as well as we can, it doesn’t mean the problems we have will go away. Most notably, working citizens are struggling to generate income as countries are entering economic recession and has led to high unemployment rates around the world. This also affects working single mothers as they would not have any way of generating income. Although there are other ways to generate income like MLM and forex trading, the amount of income they’ll receive is inconsistent.