Alexandra was traveling by bus from one country in South America to another when her bus stopped at the border and she suddenly heard someone say, “Let go of the bus but catch this Chinese boy.” “Alexandra got off the bus to see what was happening. She saw a Chinese boy trying to explain his problem to a border guard in broken Spanish. Alexandra was a member of a Chinese-language congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, so she tried to translate the boy’s words to the guard. 

The boy said he was living in the country legally but that someone had robbed him of his papers and money. He finally believed the Chinese boy, but the poor boy had to pay a fine for not having the papers. He had no money, so Alexandra lent him 20 20 [approximately Rs. 2,000]. He thanked Alexandra and promised to pay her back more than 20 20. Alexandra told him that they had helped him, not out of greed, but because they thought he should do it. They gave the boy some books and magazines based on the Bible and encouraged him. To do a Bible course with Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

Giving to others, according to one study, helps the “parts of our brain that are associated with happiness, fellowship, and trust.” That is why a person feels content and at peace. “In addition, a survey found that when people ‘spent money on themselves, they did not get as much happiness as giving money to someone else.’

Have you ever felt that you could not give more to others because of your circumstances? The truth is that each of us can receive the happiness that those who give “gladly” receive. It doesn’t matter if we help someone with a little money or more, we just have to be right

Selection of gifts

Gifts don’t just need opportunities or celebrations. Anytime, anywhere, anytime. It’s an everlasting process, with no sign of autumn. Gifts can be given for no reason, will never be given, there is a feeling of great happiness and relationships are strong. A gift is a key that opens the door to the heart. Just as the rain on a hot earth makes the atmosphere fragrant with the sweet fragrance of the soil, so the gift of rain has an effect on relationships. 

Giving gifts to children

Children are very precious members in a family. A family is happy because of a child and everyone does everything to make his children happy. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to decide what kind of gift should be given to a child. A child becomes happy with minor gifts but when a child grows then his choice of gifts also grows up and becomes difficult to be made come true.

Anime merchandise is favourite to all kids and therefore, we should select a gift of anime merchandise type which has the potential to make a child happy. Purchase premium anime merchandise now can be seen in every big and small city of Malaysia. These anime merchandise stores are like places of heaven for gift selection for the kids.

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