In this very time and day of modern civilization where individuals go all out to fight for the righteous, the world still owes women significant injustice in which putting their rights at crucial stake. Having said that, women are becoming sturdier each day to combat what they have befallen and strive for the very best one of which being equality. As a woman myself, I apprehend well the struggles one needs to go through on a daily basis, catcalling and eye raping are two not very unusual phenomenon we have to face; as bizarre as it may sound, even adolescents can be put into such atrocious circumstance. With the number of struggles inflicted on us having us question humanity, it is important to remain as strong as an ox both physically and mentally and live the life we deserved to live. To celebrate women today, we suggest you cordially invite your girlfriends over for a cozy night. If there is no significant event to celebrate on, fret never, celebrate the very strength that has assisted you in breaking down every stumbling block coming into your way since day one; that is surely one courageous endeavor to be taken on. Here is how you can kickstart. 

Prepare A Nice Dinner

Gather your girlfriends and ask them for dinner suggestions during that very special night. Rather than spending extra dimes to dine out, you can consider dining in instead. Suppose you are not the most competent in cooking, do not worry, we are not born Gordon Ramsey but we are capable of taking baby steps. You may start off by referring to online recipes based on your liking. If you are looking forward to preparing seafood, you may take examples from chefs and get your ingredients ready from frozen food online malaysia who delivers your ingredients to your very doorstep without requiring you to get out of your comfort zone. 


If your group of friends is made out of individuals with different drinking preferences, champagne is the way, as it is not as heavy as liquor yet still potent enough to make you tipsy depending on the amount you consume. Apart from that, champagne comes with better tastes compared to its liquor and beer counterparts, allowing you to satisfy your tastebuds whilst giving you the feeling you desire. It can still do the work. 

Open Up Your Hearts 

If you are also looking forward to forging tighter bonds between one another, this is none other than the most perfect timing for you to do so. After dinner, your friends and you may want to take turns to open up hearts and share thoughts whilst sipping on your champagnes respectively. It is one effective way of allowing your companions to understand you better than doing other less related activities. 

In Short 

Squeeze out time to invite your girlfriends over for a night in because we as women deserve it more than anybody else. 

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